DragonPlus One Handed Controllers back in stock

One Handed Playstation Controller Finally moved into our new home, back on-line, and back in business.

Pleased to say that I've tracked down a new batch of DragonPlus one handed controllers for Playstation 2, and other machines such as the Xbox and PCs using adapters.

Have a mooch around the OneSwitch shop for more.


Moving (Super Grass)


Retro Remakes: Archaist

Biggest heart break of the competition award has to go to Tesa and Michi's Archaist. This game was rushed into completion after many barriers, just to fall at the final hurdle. A small single bug rendered the game unplayable on many PCs.

The game has been fixed now, and is a superb example of a highly accessible game. Play using a single switch, keyboard, joystick, mouse or head-tracker.

Tesa and Michi also wrote one of my personal favourite one-switch games, Alice Amazed.

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The Competition Has Ended. Time to Play!

Image of the game Star Wars, first person space shoot-em-up. Image of Demon Attack's accessibility menu options.
73 games have made it, with more to follow. There's some wonderful games in there, and some not so wonderful. Now the judging commences, for which I need your help... So, what do you think of these games? Do you think they are accessible? How could they be improved?

Please e-mail
retro@oneswitch.org.uk, post on the Game-Accessibility.com forum or e-mail the IGDA's Game Accessibility SIG list.

N.B. There has been massive demand for the games. If you can't get them from the Retro Remakes page, then try here.

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