PS2 to Xbox 360 controller converter

Controller Converter - XFPS 360 for the Xbox 360 - allowing USB and Playstation 2 controllers to be used on the Xbox360.Excellent news. The XFPS360 converter will allow just about any Playstation 2 compatible controller to work on an Xbox 360. I've tested out with a number of one handed controllers, including the ASCII Grip V2, HORI Super Robot Wars Controller and HORI Separate Controller, and could find no fault.

The only downside is the high-price of this adapter (around £40) and the need for a wired Xbox 360 controller to be connected simultaneously. However - it's a big deal, and genuinely great news accessibility wise.

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Afrirampo - Afrirampo

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PS2 to PS3 controller converter

Logic3 PS2 to PS3 joypad converterGood news for Playstation 3 owners wanting to use PSone or PS2 controllers on their expensive new toy. Logic3 have released a natty looking controller adapter for a very reasonable £10. For more on adapters take a look at the OneSwitch Accessible Gaming Shop.

How well this will work out for games reliant on the new 6-axis tilt mechanism, I shudder to think. Fingers crossed for always...


Enabled Cyber Gamers - Singapore

Enabled Cyber Gamers - Samsung and Society for Disabled - Singapore. Image of an enabled gamer playing an Xbox game with an adapted controller.
I've just discovered three videos on the marvellous 'Enabled Cyber Gaming' community project run by Samsung and the Society for the Physically Disabled (Singapore).

Channel U, 11.45pm, 17 Nov 2005
CNA, That’s IT, 8.30pm, 28 Nov 2005
CNA, I’m Special IT’s ok, 8.30pm, 30 Nov 2005

Some of the language is a little 1981 from the US commentary, but the intent and technology in the project is bang up to date. Superb. I'm trying now to find out if the Society for the Physically Disabled are still involved with this project, and how they take on applicants for tailor-made accessible controllers.

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Everybody's Golf (PS2)

Everybody's Golf for PS2 - Switch Accessible gameplay. Just discovered that Everybody's Golf for the Sony Playstation 2 is largely one-button compatible on "Easy Mode", and compatible with old-style Playstation controllers.

This is great news for switch-gamers using any of the switch interfaces listed here. It's a really great game too, with lovely graphics.

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Accessibility Idol - Buy the Show

Accessibility Idol - GDC 2007. Image of Simon Cowell with fan.
The IGDA's Game Accessibility Special Interest Group ran 'Accessibility Idol' at this year's Game Developers Conference 2007. You can now download and listen to it via GDC Radio downloads here for $7.95 (about £4).

Visit for a free GDC 2007 report on our game accessibility work.


BBC Jam to be suspended

BBC jam to be suspended.Sad news today. Free elearning resources from The Beeb to cease next week.
The BBC has been required to suspend its free online learning service from March 20th after complaints from a number of large educational publishers concerned that their profits will suffer if a Government funded free learning resource for parents and schools is established.

Until March 20th it will still be possible to download many of the activities for offline use once the online service is no longer available. Sadly it looks like most of the content may never appear, but there are still plenty of useful activities to download for various subjects and ages including all of the SEN Field Studies environments.

It is unclear if these resources will be back online - grab them while you can!

News via SEN Teacher

Switch Water Blaster

Switch adapted Water Blaster / Switch accessible Water PistolTo my knowledge, these are the only switch accessible water-pistols available to buy anywhere in the world. Find them in the One Switch Shop.


Back to proper one-switch games...

Invincible Island, is a retro-style one-switch text adventure game, like no other. Programmer Andy Mason has recently made some big updates to this game including a very helpful tutorial, music and 22 more locations to explore.

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Fart Game

This may take some time to load, and isn't completely one-switch accessible - but it is a laugh. You are standing at a bus stop in Korea with terrible wind building up. Use the space-bar to fart - but only do so if the sound will be muffled by passing traffic. Try not to be discovered. Pressing the left arrow seems to let out a silent fart, but you can only do this so often... So now you know my level of humour!

By the way, if anyone out there has the skills to hack this game - I'd love to see the menu simplified so that the whole game is accessible via the SPACE BAR and LEFT cursor key.

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