One Switch Scalextric and Slot-Cars

Scalextric Switch Adapted
After tinkering with cheap slot-racing car games in the past, I'm planning to look into the much higher quality Scalextric. I've had some recent interest from people wanting switch adapted sets, so watch this space...
Meanwhile, some fun Scalextric links:

Rally Trophy, 3D Scalextric and Sega Rally Tropical Challenge are all fun on-line Scalextric games that can be played with a single key.

Scalextric chase on YouTube.

Many thanks to: Scalextric Racing Blog and Chris Frost of the British Slot Car Racing Association for some good help and advice.

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Switch Accessible Pinball

Switch Accessible Pinball.
These are not the first switch accessible pinball games to feature on this blog, U CAN DO can take that claim, but these are UK based, and a lot more affordable. Take a look here for more: Switch Accessible Pinball.

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Playstation 2 Switch Interface Deluxe

Playstation 2 Switch Interface Deluxe - Top view.
PS2-SID rear view.The Playstation 2 Switch Interface Deluxe (PS2-SID for short) is finally available to buy. It can be set-up in a huge number of ways to best suit each gamer. It's also a lot of fun to use in a team setting, where gamers share controls. Click on the pictures above to find out more.

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Star Trigon PCB on eBay

Star Trigon JAMMA Printed Circuit Board.
Namco's "Star Trigon", one of the finest one-switch games in existence, has just surfaced on eBay for £69.95. You can get these PCBs working at home with an accessibility switch by following my JAMMA D.I.Y. guide. If you're really rich, you could always fit it in a JAMMA compatible full sized arcade machine. Don't tell me though - I'd be sick jealous.

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Move or Die

Move or Die - Zap Dramatic
Move or Die puts you in the role of a hitch-hiker sharing a car with a brother and sister who have just discovered a man lying in the middle of a road at night. Your challenge is in pursuading the lead characters to take certain moral paths. This is really aimed at adults with excellent comprehension.

The beautifully simplistic mouse based interface makes this highly accessible to head-tracker and eye-tracker users. For more games like this, such as The Trial, visit Zap Dramatic.

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Retro Remakes Niced Up

Barriers in GamesRetro Remakes has undergone a very nice make over, and supportive as ever, have posted up an abridged version of my "Barriers in Games" article.

If you didn't know, Retro Remakes have been long term backers of the accessibility in games cause. They've seen some of the finest accessible games come into being via two of their recent programming competitions. They've given forum space for game developers in the "Accessibility Angle". They've now added an Accessibility section to their Blog.

There's much more to Retro Remakes than just this, but thank you!!! It's a big deal, and it's appreciated.

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Blind Gamer Shreds Guitar Hero

A short YouTube video of a prototype Guitar Hero controller for blind gamers. The gamer wears a glove for fret work. Small transponders tap the guitarists fingers, prompting them as to which buttons to press. Inspirational work from Eelke Folmer and his team.

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JoyToKey - Tutorial Francais

JoyToKey FrancaisMany thanks to my cousin, Chris, for tracking down French instructions for JoyToKey. I've added this info to my JoyToKey page. One Switch Internationale!

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Games as Therapy

Ben Heck interview at Able Gamers

Ben Heck, inventor of the soon to be manufactured "Access Controller" for Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3, has been interviewed at Able Gamers. Those so inclined should take a look.

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D.I.Y. Switch Accessible Bumper Cars

Switch Adapted Bumper Car A project for the more experienced out there: Switch Accessible Bumper Cars. Brad Whaley, an Electrical Engineer based in the USA has some very interesting D.I.Y. project pages that include adapting children's electric vehicles.

I saw the above Bumper cars in Maplin Electronics, £80 for 2 recently. They use two forward-neutral-back joysticks enabling tank like control. I'm guessing that you could get this usable with just two switches: One connected to both forward controls, and the second connected to a single back control for spin.

N.B. "If you use mechanical high current relays, you can use standard special needs / adaptive switches to run this toy". Do not do so otherwise! Added to the D.I.Y. pages here.



One Handed Playstation Controller
I've just built a One Switch Most Wanted page. There's a number of things I've been after for a long time - or simply just don't have the cash for.

If you think you might be able to help, please take a look.

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