Boom and Bust

Image of Stock Market display screen displaying losses - mocked up to look like a game of Scramble.World Stock markets fall so here's some Calvin Harris. Oh, and try this one-switch game if you like:

TBA-2 - mouse based menu - but SPACE BAR all the way afterwards.

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Easier Watching of YouTube Videos

Easier Watching of YouTube Videos - Image of a simplified video-player window for YouTube clips.
One of a number of initiatives to make web-browsing easier - Easy YouTube simplifies the original YouTube interface down to the basics.

Via: BBC Ouch!

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C-SID Playstation 3 60GB Compatible

Playstation 3 and Console Switch Interface Deluxe. Just learnt from a good customer that the C-SID (Console-Switch Interface Deluxe) works great with a Playstation 3 through a Logic 3 adapter (available from Amazon). You need to press SELECT and UP to get started though - which involves plugging a switch into the SELECT socket to start with. Should work with many one-handed controllers too.

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Top 10 One Switch Games

I've just posted a personal Top 10 of One Switch Games within the one switch library. Sharp eyed visitors might also notice a link to the ATE Arcade (Accessible Through Emulation). Coming soonish...

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North Korean Amusement Arcade

North Korean Video Arcade. I loved South Korea when I visited some years back. I'd like to have visited North Korea too but I only got as far as the border. Click on the picture above to find out what I might have seen in one of their arcades if they'd let me in.


East Meets West

Just had a fantastic night at the EASTmeetsWEST outdoor event: "As the sun sets, the audience [were] treated to a beautiful promenade performance featuring hundreds of Chinese lanterns culminating with a fantastic finale show based upon the moving Chinese folk story of Chang E and her voyage to the moon, retold with dramatic pyrotechnic effects."

'Gimme Some Friction' - one switch game

Image of Black and White Puzzle Bobble one switch inspired game - Gimme Some Friction"Gimme Some Friction" - is an inventive one button spin-off from Puzzle Bobble games. It's more than just that though - with much of the initial enjoyment coming from working out what you need to do. A switch hooked up to the Left Mouse Click (ensuring the mouse pointer is over the main play area) is all you need.

Via: 4Noah YouTube Channel

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Paralympics 'truly coming home'

Image of Paralympic swimmers racing. "Paralympics 'truly coming home' " via BBC News UK.


"Tapeswitch ribbon switches are a press-at-any-point, momentary, normally-open contact. They are the essence of simplicity and reliability".

Could be very useful for a number of accessibility projects - so I've popped TapeSwitch into the D.I.Y. Switch guide.


Steady Hand Switch Module

'Steady Hand' Switching Module - from Technical Solutions.Within Technical Solution Australia's latest catalogue you will find some great switch adapted toys, gadgets and more. What I was particularly interested in was their new "Special Switch Modules" area. Much like Steady Mouse devices, the Steady Hand Switch Module is designed to help filter out accidental presses of a switch.

This builds upon the likes of timer and latching devices that have been around as long as I can remember, that can aid people unable to hold a switch for a prolonged time. Handy for racing games, where holding down the accellerator/gas button for a long time might be painful.

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop Switches and Sensors area.

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Switch Adapted Cameras

Pentax Optio Switch Adapted Camera. After learning that ORCAA technology are no longer producing switch adapted cameras by the splendid AbleNet - I scouted around the web for others. I turned up a couple a good looking suspects from Australasia:

1. Pentax Camera with Remote Switch Interface. Very nice as this can be used with both
accessibility standard plug-in switches and also with infra-red leaning AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) devices. From Tecsol - Australia.

Zabonne also have a switch adapted digital camera - of a less versatile design - but still opening up all sorts of possibilities for switch using photographers.

Ideally these units will be using batteries, but it's worth checking out with the companies concerned if you will need a special charger to use in your country due to different power standards around the globe.

For a mounting solution for cameras - take a look at the
Accessible Gaming Shop Mounting Solutions area. Finally - use for an up to date currency conversion estimate.



HelpKidzLearn - Creative Build a Sandcastle activity pictured.HelpKidzLearn offers highly accessible games and activities for free thanks to Inclusive Technology.

What have they got at the minute? Gophers, Build a Sandcastle, Big Bang Bucks and a whole load more. Some will suit head-tracker/eye-tracker users some are ideal for switch users. Nice work Inclusive! I've added a little permanant link within the One-Switch Gaming area.

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COGAIN - Eye Tracker Game Competition

COGAIN - Eye Tracker Game Competition - Image from NASA 'Eye of God'. In a little bit of synchronicity with the Retro Remakes "Game For Helen" category, COGAIN have just launched their own Eye Tracker game competition: "Power of Gaze".

COGAIN (COmmunication by GAze INteration) have a short list of previously submitted eye-tracker games and 'leisure applications' on-line. The main restriction is that you need to be a student or a group of students in order to submit a game. Student's of Life should be able to apply too, surely?

[update: 18.9.08] - COGAIN have opened up the competion as follows: "Any student (undergraduate or graduate) or non-commercial participant (not a student but not a professional either) may enter the competition". Excellent!

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Handigo The Game

Handigo the GameHandigo The Game is a tie up between Handicap International and a number of organisations including game developers Ubisoft. I can't deny that some of the language linked to Handigo The Game makes me cringe - but the aim of spreading greater understanding of disability around the globe is important. I just wish someone would oil those bloomin' wheelchair wheels.

Link via: Sandra Uhling on the GASIG mailing list


Deaf Gamers and Ubisoft

Ubisoft Commits To Include Subtitles In Future Products - Image of an Opera with Surtitles. Ubisoft have started to listen to the deaf-community struggling with their games for want of some subtitles. Scanning through the comments over at Kotaku gives an idea of the problems gamers have had - and also some of the ignorance that causes these unnecessary barriers.

All fingers are crossed that Ubisoft will be offering full "Closed Captioned" subtitles - with description of important sounds, music and the direction of sounds. They could do a lot worse than to take a peek at Games[CC], Deaf Gamers, and again for guidance.

Via: Sandra Uhling on the GASIG mailing list.

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A Game For Helen: Whac-a-Mole

A Game For Helen: Whack-a-Mole.


D.I.Y. Home Projects

Switch Adapted Toys. One Switch visitor Andrew Clarke recently shared some photos of toys he has adapted for his daughter. He has hooked up a switch socket to a Water Pistol, Bubble Machine, Rocket Launcher, Glitterator and Toy Food Mixer. He said that he's no expert, but found the adaptations to be pretty easy, and that his daughter has absolutely loved using them with her pink switch. Great work, Andrew. I hope others will follow your example.

Fancy taking on a project yourself? For more ideas, see the One Switch D.I.Y. pages.

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Dream-Gamer trigger controller. Dream-Technology have been building their portfolio of accessible game controllers, toys and gadgets over the last year or so to an impressive degree. I've recently received a Dream-Gamer Mini Joystick to try out which I'm looking forward to testing. Here's more of their stuff:

Dream-Mouse – Small hand-held controller for PC access.
Dream-Melody – Cap mounted switches for use with Soundbeam music technology.
Dream-Toys – Switch adapted toys. Six to choose from plus three Christmas specials. The toys were selected by Ability Net for the “Play AT IT” project they are running with 18 nursery schools.
Domino – Programmable, switch adapted infra-red controllers for controlling TVs and more..
Dream-Wand - Alternative gaming controller.
Dream-Racer - Head or hand operated radio controlled cars.

Dream-Technology are also putting the finishing touches to an 8 channel wireless switch system and a 12 switch input box that connects to the PC through the USB socket.

All good stuff!

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Strange Attractors 2

Strange Attractors 2 Strange Attractors 2 has arrived. It's possibly the most polished and ambitious one-switch game ever written. Kick the Tyres here (the demo) or buy the full game for $14.95 (£7.50 ish). It's superb. I love it.

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