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OneSwitch is sick...

BOOM! was kaput. Now it's temporarily running on low power and may well drop off-line again shortly. Whilst I slowly get things onto a more steady footing JoyToKey has been removed as have a number of games. As Howard Jones once said, things can only get better...

People wishing to guarantee an e-mail getting to me might like to try piecing together: oneswitch [hat] gmail [dot] com.


Skoogmusic: "The Skoog"

The Skoog. Image of a foam cube with coloured convex surfaces. I am really happy and enthused after receiving news of "The Skoog" a unique and highly accessible musical instrument, and also about the formation of Skoogmusic. More to follow soon...

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Stranger Hero: Part 3

2-Switch: Memory Card Games

Card Matching Game for 2 Switches. Pinched directly from TLWMSN:

'FYI - memory card games at Sadlier-Oxford Phonics work as two switch scanning games (set one switch to "TAB" and the other to "ENTER"). Some of the others may work as well. Comment if you find any, please. I have made it a habit to always do a TAB/ENTER two switch test when I encounter an interesting "mainsteam" educational online [game].'

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Switch Activated Dolphin Running Marathons

Kay Moore designed dolphin - suspended from the ceiling of a brick building.I love it when people take switch accessible technology and make unusual use of it. Talented artist, Kay Moore, is presently using one of my switch accessible water-pistols and fitting it within a Dolphin suit.

The suit is intended to be worn by runners supporting The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society in the Bath Half-Marathon and the London Marathon. They'll be able to blow water out using an accessibility switch housed within the suit. Fantastic!

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Universal Access Games

Universal Access Games - Darwin's Basic Skills for early computer users - Switch Edition. Universal Access Games have just released three excellent educational titles aimed at early computer users. They presently have three titles: Basic Computer Skills, Darwin's ABC and Darwin's 123 each available in mouse or switch access flavours.

I found the Basic Computer Skills especially enjoyable. I certainly recommend this to new users finding the likes of SEN Switcher too easy. There's some great revisions on the way too as I understand to make switch access even more versatile.

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Top Accessible Gaming Sites

Hooray! have just published three top accessible gaming sites lists: Top 25 Web Sites for Gamers who are Blind; Top 20 Web Sites for Gamers who are Motion Impaired and Top 10 Web Sites for Gamers who are Deaf.

What's extremely nice is that has been placed top in the Motion Impaired list. I'm not sure if it's deserved with the site feeling so half-finished - but I'm very happy for the ranking so thank you 7-128! Thanks also of course to Retro Remakes, William Pilgrim the IGDA's GASIG and everyone else that's helped make OneSwitch what it is. Stop me now - I'm starting to feel all Kate Winslet.

Fantastic image via Flickr.


One-Switch Games of the 1950's and 1960's

Image of an ASCII character set generated rabbit that hops. Not really, but what if.... See ASCIImator for more. And click here for a bouncing bunny for no particular reason. Then thank the stars you're in the 21st century.

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Technical Issues

BBC 1967 Test Card: (c) BBC, ITC & BREMA 1967 - BBC Research & Development Department - Do not duplicate without this credit.Some visitors to the One Switch Organisation may have experienced some problems recently, not least the site having completely vanished. Some issues are down to hosting via 123-reg who tend to drop my web-site once or twice a month for several hours. Things seem to be back to good now though.

Current problems are with broken links within the switch games library. Currently you won't be able to download all games from the main links, but you can get them all from the drop-down A-Z games menu here. Hope to get this fixed early next week [EDIT: fixed already thanks to Retro Remakes].

Dreamcast - Seaman

I miss the SEGA Dreamcast's promise. After the likes of Shenmue, Typing of the Dead, Samba De Amigo, Jet Set Radio and Seaman where's the equivalent new weird and wonderful batch for the current generation?

Global Assistive Technology Encyclopedia

Through Wonka Gates - into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. AbilityNet have put together a wonderful open project called the Global Assisitve Technology Wiki or GATE for short. In their words:

"GATE is actually a Wiki, which is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. It's a little like Wikipedia, but just concentrating on assistive technology. GATE is very simple to use, with a control panel enabling you to add content and more. More about Wikis . . .

This wiki has been created by AbilityNet, the UK's largest provider of advice and information on all aspects of Access to technology. The purpose of the wiki is to provide live and up to date information on all aspects of Assistive Technology."

A really good place to start is their Switch Systems entry here. They are lacking their own accessible games section so hopefully someone (maybe me) will take up the gauntlet for that soon.

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SwitchedOn Games: Update

One Switch Bowling aka One Click Bowling - test screen. I've been keeping a fairly close eye on SwitchedOn Games since launch last year especially since it went quiet. Well happily work has started up again, with plans to make their first game One-Click-Bowling available on-line. I'm really looking forward to what has the potential to be the first decent one-switch bowling game that isn't madly difficult (like Super Monkey Ball's Bowling mini-games). Here's hoping there'll be an option for gutter bumpers...

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Mystic Mine: Multi-player One Switch Game

Mystic Mine - multi-player one-switch game from Koonsolo. Just released this February - Mystic Mine is now available to buy on-line at Koonsolo for $19.95 (use for a currency conversion). It's massive fun as a multi-player game and highly recommended. If I had an all time top 10 list of one-switch games this would be a strong contender to make the list. Free demo version available here. Sweet.

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British 10K: Please Sponsor Me!

Running Man - Exit symbol.On the 12th of July this year I hope to run 10 km (6.2 miles) in the "British 10K" in aid of Special Effect's Game for Helen Project. This is my 500th post on the OneSwitch blog - a good time to ask for your support in cash, if you can spare it, for this appeal. If you'd like to sponsor me please visit my JustGiving page here.

I used to run a lot 20 years ago often six miles down to Southend sea front, treating myself with a turn on Gorf or Gravitar, before turning back with my wobbly tape Walkman on. I then learnt how to drive and liked that (and sitting on my backside) a lot more than running. I'm not 17 any more and my knock knees haven't got any better. It's going to be tough but I really want to do this as the cause is a fantastic one. Here's a little update from Special Effect:

"We've now raised £20,000 towards our appeal to create a special computer games suite at the Helen and Douglas House Hospice. We need to raise another £40,000. As part of these efforts we have people taking part in our 3 Peaks Challenge and have a team of runners in the British 10K.

SpecialEffect has just found out that we've been short listed for a national award for our Games Roadshows following our national innovation award in December.

SpecialEffect Roadshows were such a great success in 2008 that they are back with a brand new collection of games! 2008 Roadshows were extremely beneficial to SpecialEffect in helping us assess which games worked with which control methods so that we can develop a range that works for different abilities and ages. We have been researching different up to date games for our systems and are very excited to have a brand new selection to try out at our Roadshows 2009!"


Domino: Switch Accessible Learning Remote Control

Dream-Gamer Domino Switch Accessible Learning Remote Control. The Domino from Dream-Technology is a versatile learning remote control. A total of 24 different infra-red functions can be learnt, accessed via the four yellow mode buttons and six function buttons.

For instance pressing the yellow MODE A button could give you access to six different DVD functions such as Play, Pause and Skipping. MODE B could be devoted to TV controls such as volume up/down, channel up/down and power on/off. MODE C could be devoted to iPod (via an infra-red docking bay) or CD control. MODE D could be devoted to a mix of infra-red toys.

The really great thing is that all buttons are switch accessible. There's a useful list from Dynavox (famous for their communication devices) of infra-red accessible toys to give some more ideas. Swotting up on "How Infrared Remote Control Toys Work" may help you pick other suitable choices from the likes of eBay. Very nice bit of kit.

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Man On Wire

Man On Wire. Image of Film Flyer.

Game Forward Interview: Me Caron of the splendid "Game Forward" has posted an article about after interviewing me earlier this year. She's edited it down nicely to make it seem like I don't witter on too much. Appreciated!


Twin Joystick Module

LEPMIS Twin Joystick Module.
Geoff Harbach of LEPMIS sent me details of his dual joystick module joysticks to fit his PS2 and PS3 Switch Access Pods. Much like the Dream-Gamer mini-joysticks, you can hook the thumb sticks to act as a function of your choice (e.g. press down on the left thumb stick to trigger an X).

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Stevie Wonder calls for accessible technology

Stevie Wonder - calls for accessible technology.Stevie Wonder is calling for greater access in technology: "[technology] being more accessible is always a plus and I think really, for various companies ... making it exciting and accessible for people who can see, it would take very little to make it accessible to everyone. So I encourage all the manufacturers to do that."

"When you can ... make it accessible and make it possible, you should just include that in the overall picture. ".

Link via: Mike Taylor of Excitim.




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