D.I.Y. Controllers

The Cthulhu, like Ultimarc's iPac, provides a root building block for building your own PC and Games Console controllers. Coming in a variety of flavours this system should suit anyone wishing to build a basic controller. Looks like the left analogue stick is tied to D-pad, so some games will not be accessible.

Learn more at Instructables the Accessible Gaming Shop Tailor-Made controls section. Many thanks to Techni Myoko for the tip off.


Xconverter 360

Image of a neat white joypad adapter called the XConverter 360 Thanks go to ErigBurger for making me aware of the most affordable Playstation to Xbox 360 controller converter yet. Renchi are selling the natty looking Xconverter 360 for US$ 29.90 (£24.32).

Althought the exchange rate looks a bit suspect for UK gamers, this is still likely to work out as the cheapest option for many. As with the alternatives, an Xbox 360 wired controller is still required.

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop Adapters section.


Modified Xbox 360 Controllers on eBay

Xbox 360 Modification - Image of illuminated buttons on an adapted Xbox 360 controller. Wanted to share that a number of individuals are modifying Xbox 360 controllers and selling them on eBay. Most of these mods are aimed at geekfest FPS shoot-em-up gamers giving them a rapid-fire option. Other adjustments however may appeal to a wider audience. These include adding illuminated buttons, and also the swapping of controls to make a right-handed controller into a left-handed controller.


Ready for the Fun (Little Boots)

I visited the new premises of Skoogmusic yesterday in Edinburgh, and was knocked off my feet by the progress they have made with The Skoog. An electronic musical instrument revolution is truly in progress. This thing is fun up front, but also opens up so much potential for musicians of all abilities.

The Little Boots video above is unrelated, I just liked it! See more at her YouTube channel including a fine rendition of Running up that Hill. Would love to see what she could do with a Skoog...

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The Amazing Dare Dozen

As simple as a Game & Watch game, The Dare Dozen is a basic test of timing. You get a dozen eggs and need to get them as high as possible by launching them with your single switch into a nest above. Miss and an egg is lost. Requires very accurate timing.

Found via JayIsGames.com

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Switch Accessible Joke Master

Image of a bright yellow battery operated device - the Excalibar Jokemaster. RJ Cooper has a lot of unique switch accessible gear on his site, the latest of which is the Jokemaster: Hit a switch to play a random short joke. He's uploaded a few examples too so you can hear what you'd be getting. The device can be hooked up to an amplifier with an appropriate lead so I can imagine this easily being used on stage.

Don't like the jokes? How about switch adapting a new red Talking Tins device and recording your own for switch play-back. You could equally well use a lap-top to perform pre-recorded jokes and sound effects at random or in order using the Switch Mixer Lite.


The Fog Fall

The Fog Fall - cartoon image of the stariway between three floors of an underground nuclear bunker."The Fog Fall by Pastel Games is a psychological thriller set in an alternate-history around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Descend into your basement / bomb shelter after a mysterious nighttime fog to see what has changed...and what hasn't."

Putting me in mind of Z for Zachariah this bleak little point-and-click game is actually quite enjoyable. Some of the puzzles are a bit obscure but thankfully there is a walkthrough cheat guide for when you're completely bamboozled. Great for head-tracker use and most mouse alternatives.

See Pastel Games and Arcade Town for many more on-line point-and-click games. You can also download games from Arcade Town and play them full screen which I find makes play easier on the eyes.

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Boomshine! Image of a number of multi-coloured circles on a grey background.On-line game Boomshine! is an addictive 12 level puzzle. Using a pure mouse-based interface you point and click a detonation point, then hope enough of the floating balls hit your explosion and create a large enough chain-reaction to clear each level.

There's no major rush with this game, making it an ideal head-tracker game for many, and possibly even eye-tracker users too. Very addictive and possible for one-switch play too (with some help needed to navigate the menus). Play full-screen here and press F11 if using internet explorer.

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PS3 Access Pod - Techie Video

Geoff Harbach of LEPMIS has just posted a very technical video of his Playstation 3 Switch Access Pod (PS3 SAP). You can find out more about this controller at the Accessible Gaming Shop including a link to a PS3 SAP D.I.Y. analogue controls guide.

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Escape From Hope Springs (PG)

See the first two episodes at Shoot Your Mouth Off's YouTube channel.


One Handed Controllers in Stock

HORI Separate One Handed Controller at OneSwitch.org.ukHORI Super Robot Wars One Handed Controller Slowly tracking down more one handed controllers. Now have a HORI Separate controller and a HORI Super Robot Wars Controller in stock. Looking around still for the elusive ASCII/Sammy Grip V2 controller for sensible prices.

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One Switch Tetris

One Switch Tetris by Amit Pitaru. Possibly an abandoned work in progress, Amit Pitaru's one-switch Tetris swept under my radar until just recently. It's a bit buggy but some may have fun with it.

You can find many more one-switch puzzle games at the OneSwitch Game Library including three Puzzle Bobble inspired games. My particular favourite one-switch puzzle game however is Uo Poko which needs the MAME emulator to be played. One for the ATE Arcade one day.

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