Really excited that Ed Key of Twisted Tree Games is seriously looking at adding some accessibility features to the wonderful Proteus. Meanwhile, you can explore this beautiful world using just two-switches. Can't wait to see where this goes.

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Rainbow Britain

Rainbow Britain is a beautiful collection of photos that make me proud. The music track is Hannibal by Caribouband which I discovered via a Portishead mix-tape.

Links via: Yuriko Parsons and Brandon Boyer.


The Skoog Reviewed

It's been a bit of a labour of love getting a review up on the Skoog, at the Accessible GameBase. It's a musical instrument that would be as at home in the musical armoury of Bjork and Aphex Twin, as in schools and homes around the world. It's fantastic fun, and with the right set-up, really easy to create nice sounding music with.

Alongside a new Electronic Soup Podcast, there's some "Dice Music Systems" for Skoog users. These give people who are unable to make clear choices a way to randomly pick a musical starting point to perform within. Roll a die, follow the rule set, roll again to select a time-length guide, then perform. Easy!

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肢体不自由 特別支援 教育

Continuing the international affordable assistive technology riff, comes two fascinating Japanese sites. First up is Educational Ideas for Q-Brittle, run by "moroQ" a talented disabled teacher of learning and physically disabled kids in Tokyo. He has 91 posts to date on a variety of low-cost imaginative switch adapted gadgets.

Secondly, is the PowerPoint bo-yd's style site. One thing I immediately loved was this simple power-point slide show for splitting a water-melon with a rolled-up newspaper, or whatever you use best to activate a switch. It gives the advice to repeat the number of whole water-melon slides, if you want to make it harder to crack open. What fun, and a lot kinder than the alternative black cat whacking game they have.

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Accesibilidad Digital Tecnologias de Apoyo

I've just been made aware of a brilliant organisation in Columbia, Latin America, working in the field of technology and affordable accessibility: Accesibilidad Digital Tecnologias de Apoyo.

It was great to see Whacka Monty Mole being played with a unique lorry-switch. Really like their foot controlled mouse, that uses a glued in plastic spoon and tupper-ware switch boxes. I highly recommend taking a look around their highly professional site, photos and YouTube videos whether or not you can understand Spanish. Fantástico!


Ken Yankelevitz - 30 Years of Enabling Disabled Gamers

Ken Yankelevitz is one of the pioneers of accessible gaming, having started back in 1981 when Atari approached him seeking help for a disabled teenager. He is rightly being celebrated for 30 years of fantastic service to the cause. Bravo!

To add to this tribute, I've cribbed the following interview with Ken from Peter A McWiliams' 1984 book "Personal Computers and the Disabled"...

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Hope Springs Episode 5: There's Something About Billy

"Love is in the air at Hope Springs! Jack tries to make the move on a newcomer, but will his efforts be thwarted by another amorous suitor? Cunning plans abound and rebound in this comic love triangle from SYMO!"


Nintendo Wii U - Accessibility Nightmare?

Don't know what you think, but the new Nintendo Wii U looks like an accessibility nightmare for many. Maybe I'm getting old and grumpy but that looks like it will shut out many gamers. Seems I'm not the only one peeking over at Rob McCaully's thoughts at AbleGamers.


Links Mish-Mash

Random coloured dots on a black back ground.

Too many links, and not enough time to do them justice. Here's part one of your links lucky-dip selection...

Multi-Toe Interaction YouTube video.
Invisible Mouse YouTube clip.
EASe - Games aimed at people on the Austistic Spectrum. Web-site's a bit drab, but interesting concepts.
AblePlay - Toys rated for accessibility in a searchable database.
Accessible Xbox 360 Controller - Designed by Gavin Philips and made by Ben Heck for a guy with Musular Dystrophy.
Sexuality and Learning Disabilities - A book packed with empathetic and human advice.
Visit Salem - A Video Travelogue game from
Barcelona Conference Presentations - Many wonderful Game Accessibility links.
AbleNet Switch Toys - Switch scissors and other bits and bobs.
Links via: Gavin Philips, Javier Mairena, Sandra Uhling, Sheri Rubin, Tim Chase


XtendPlay - Joypad Mount

XtendPlay - blue gel-like mould for holding a Playstation or Xbox joypad more comfortably.

Forgetting the daft viral nudey video that Xwerx have put out, their XtendPlay extension grip system for joypads could be a serious help for those having jippy hand cramps.

Added to the Mounts section of the Accessible Gaming Shop. Thanks to Techni Myoko for the link. Xtend YouTube channel here.


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