OneSwitch Go Slow

Death from Stupid Deaths, Horrible Histories.... Computer Death

Another laptop just about bites the dust. Apologies for slow service at OneSwitch. Things should resume back to normal very soon after a rebuild of a new one. Meanwhile, enjoy some Stupid Deaths thanks to Horrible Histories at CBBC.

Best Band in the World

The Specials

Great interview with Terry Hall at the BBC and a taste of the best with this Specials Spotify play-list.


Mouth Controlled Joysticks and Mice

I've been thinking about affordable head/chin/mouth controls for a while now to work on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS3 using a Cronus or Xim device, as some are extremely expensive.

Beyond the nonsense above (actually that might work for some), I was thinking about a chin mounted standard joypad (or JoyTech Mini joypad) with RCade Freek extensions which SE have used in the past. I'm really interested in the Origin Breeze sip/puff device set to joystick mode too. Leaves me very hopeful that the brains behind CronusMax can make it work with the likes of Camera Mouse and other head-trackers without too much hassle.  


HORI Project Diva F Mini Controllers (PS3)

HORI Project Diva F Mini Controller
The PS3 HORI Project Diva F Mini Controller is not so mini. It's about the size of a standard arcade stick, maybe a bit wider looking at this YouTube clip. These are on eBay right now (3rd Jan 2014) for around £85 delivered.

I'm guessing adding a Cronus Max (or the older Cronus Device) would enable you to reconfigure the controls and also use it on a PC and Xbox 360 too.

Added to the Large Controllers section of the OneSwitch Accessible Gaming Shop.


CanAssist: Accessible Gaming Controller

CanAssist Accessible Gaming Controller

CanAssist Accessible Gaming Controller with AbleNet switch, PS2 joypad and mini USB analogue joystick.

Canada's government backed CanAssist is a kind of Remap or MERU for British Columbian residents. Hugely impressed by their work, especially so in accessible leisure (check out their Automated Billiards Device). Their Accessible Gaming Controller is a hugely impressive looking set-up. Wonder if they'll ever bring this to a wider market in Canada and beyond.

Added to the Bespoke Controllers section of the Accessible Gaming Shop.

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